Residential Services
Our professionals use the highest quality fertilizers to keep your plants looking their best. Here are some of the plant care items we offer:

With long range planning Siekierka Landscape can put a plan in place for the future. We can put a long range plan in place to make the necessary improvements to your property as time moves on. We can also do an renovation analysis and form a plan to make the property look great again. Despite preventative measures, sometimes weather conditions or outside control factors take over. We can help diagnose and treat what’s going wrong.

Design Build Installations
Our design - Build Service will take your likes and combine them with environmental and geological conditions to create a design that fits your property and personality.

Construction Process
Planning is the key ingredient to a Successful Project. We think of everything so you don't have to sweat the details. For some projects, we create a computer image of your project in its finished form. Our dedicated professionals build your project to industry standards not what uncle Joey thought it should look like.

Managing your landscape has never been easier. Count on Siekierka Landscape to take care of your landscape needs. From Spring cleanups and planting seasonal flowers to fall cleanups, we can do it all. We can create a yearly maintenance schedule for your property including all of the important steps to make it look its best.

Hardscaping is gaining popularity year after year. Pavers add an elegant distinct look to your landscape. Concrete cracks, chips and discolors with age. Pavers just look better year after year. Hardscaping’s other half is wall systems. Both retaining and decorative walls add new dimensions to the landscape. When installed correctly, they add years and years of maintenance free beauty.

Holiday Lighting
Are you tired of spending your Holiday Season all wrapped up in decorating the house? We can help. Leave it to the professionals. We can do a lighting design that will look great! Your friends and neighbors will be impressed. You can tell them that you did it all yourself.