Design Build Installations
Our design - Build Service will take your likes and combine them with environmental and geological conditions to create a design that fits your property and personality. This process takes a few visits. The first is an initial consult to exchange information about our company and what we can do for you. We also pick up information about you, your ideas and budget for the project. This is free of charge. At or shortly after this visit we will talk to decide whether or not you would like to proceed and if we are going to take on the project.

Once we form a working partnership, we will take the measurements of your property and work on a design. From this point forward, the project is working on bill able hours. Soil tests, imaging and idea sessions are done to come up with a draft design.

We will meet to go over your draft design. All final changes are made here and a price is put on the project. After the price is approved, contracts are signed and your project goes into the production schedule. You will be given an approximate date for the start of your project.

Once the project is completed it is not the end of our relationship. We would like this only to be the beginning. We like to maintain the landscapes we install. This also states how we stand by our work. A lot of companies pick up their final check and you never see them again. We will be there to make sure things are going right. Please see our page on maintenance for Residential and Commercial properties.

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