Holiday Lighting
Are you tired of spending your Holiday Season all wrapped up in decorating the house? We can help. Leave it to the professionals.

Picture this:
  • No more Ladders!
  • No more tangled light strings!
  • No more finding that bulb that doesn't light!
  • Hooks? Tape? Cold fingers? GONE!

Best of all ... YOU STAY WARM!

We can do a lighting design that will look great! Your friends and neighbors will be impressed. You can tell them that you did it all yourself.

A Tree Inside you say? You pick it out . . .we'll set it up and light it! We have a trained staff that could light up the town. Our installation will be done in a safe, professional manor so there are no homeowner worries. There may be others, but none that can compare in quality & service.

Contact us today for November Installation

The first jobs sold are the first jobs scheduled.

Scheduling starts in mid-November. Jobs scheduled between December 10th and December 20th may be subject to cancellation due to bad weather.

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