Hardscaping is gaining popularity year after year. Pavers add an elegant distinct look to your landscape. Concrete cracks, chips and discolors with age. Pavers just look better year after year. Many ask about settlement over the years. If the sub-base is correctly installed, there will be no problems in the future. A lot of companies will bid your job at a low price. Most of the time these types of companies are not installing the correct sub-base under the pavers. Up front cost is low, but future problems are high and overall quality is low. With Siekierka Landscape you can rest assure that we take the proper measures to create the proper sub-base. So whether you’re parking cars on your pavers or using them for normal pedestrian traffic, they will be installed right. Ask your sales rep for a detailed presentation of our paver sub-base system.

Hardscaping’s other half is wall systems.
Both retaining and decorative walls add new dimensions to the landscape. When installed correctly, they add years and years of maintenance free beauty.

Two factors influence the over all quality of a good wall. The first is sub-base. The second is drainage and backfill of a wall. A wall fails in three ways: 1. Tipping 2. Sliding 3. Sinking. This applies to a small one foot wall or a large 20 feet tall wall. Proper sub base will eliminate a sinking wall problem. Proper backfill and drainage will eliminate a tipping wall problem. Sub-base and backfill will eliminate a sliding wall. Siekierka Landscape professionals go to wall building seminars through out the winter months. They study these factors and learn proper construction methods. Your wall will be built correctly to industry standards. Ask the competition how they build their walls. You’ll hear an array of answers.

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