Construction Process
Planning is the key ingredient to a Successful Project. We think of everything so you don't have to sweat the details. For some projects, we create a computer image of your project in its finished form. Our dedicated professionals build your project to industry standards not what uncle Joey thought it should look like. Our Maintenance crews care for your landscape to keep it looking its BEST. So whether your project is a retaining wall holding back your swimming pool or a brick paver patio around it, you can rest assure it will be done correct.

When choosing a landscape company ask a lot of specific questions to see if you're getting the same quality as with Siekierka Landscape. What type of soil are they using? Blended soils with organics are the best. Do they have extensive plant knowledge? As they develop a plan they should know why they are using specific plants in certain areas. Are they a company that does high volume at low prices? Chances are volume price based companies are putting out low quality work. If the job is promised fast at low price beware. You get what you pay for.

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