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Mulching your plants properly is an important step in insuring their success.
Too much mulch is worse than not enough. If it is heaped around the plant more than 2” or so it damages the primary root system eventually killing the plant. Be aware of volcano mulch piles with plants bursting out of the top!

Mulch retains moisture which your plants’ roots can draw from. It also keeps the root system cooler in high heat times. As mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients back into the soil which your plants can absorb. General mulch only lasts one to two years before it needs replenishing.

There are many types of mulches out there that can do the job, however we search for mulch with a high organic content. Many “wood chip” or “Fresh” mulches just aren’t broken down enough yet. Mulches that are simply shredded wood pallets add little value to the soil as they are often sold right after shredding. Dyed color mulches take the eye away from the colorful flowers and often the dye runs. When buying mulch, ask where the source is. Ask how long it’s been aged. Is it made from hardwoods?

Call for prices on bulk delivery. We sell by the Cubic Yard (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet), not by the scoop. Ask for prices on topsoil too.

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