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Caring for your new plants
Now that your new plants are in place, caring for them is very important. For the first few weeks, check the plants daily. Remember that all of the plants' roots will be in the soil that was once in their pots or packs and now forms the plants' immediate environment. It is important to check for moisture in their original soil, as well as in the garden until the plants can grow deeper roots.

The biggest challenge to new plantings is water, either too much or not enough, as both are equally damaging. After the first month or two, plants should not require as much water, although this will obviously depend on the weather. Water is best applied in the early morning and delivered directly to the base of the plants to avoid wetting the foliage. Plants normally need 1" of water per week to thrive. To check this visually, scratch up some mulch with your finger in different areas throughout your planting beds. If you see that the scratched area is moist and wet you will not need to water. If this area is dry or barely moist, then watering is required. With a little tender loving care, feeding and pruning, you will have a beautiful landscape for years to come. Enjoy!

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