A commercial landscape is so very important to the business it surrounds. It gives a first impression to potential clients, guests and potential employees. A well done landscape shows signs of professionalism, organization and a well put together company. It says "Welcome to our organization." It creates a level of comfort as a new person approaches. This first impression sets a positive mindset before the person even enters your front door.

Choosing a quality company is important. Next, establishing guidelines with that company helps form a great business relationship. Also, talk to your landscape company about long range plans and work schedules. If you're managing a hotel you don't want to wake up guests on Saturday morning with a backhoe.

When choosing a landscape company ask a lot of specific questions to see if you're getting the same quality as with Siekierka Landscape. What type of soil are they using? Blended soils with organics are best. Do they have extensive plant knowledge? As they develop a plan they should know why they are using specific plants in certain areas. Are they a company that does high volume at low prices? Chance are volume price based companies are putting out low quality work. If the job is promised fast at low price, beware. You get what you pay for and more.

When developing guidelines, things like budget, colors, area of importance, dollar amount spending before seeking approval from management, pesticide policies should all be discussed. These are things that need to be addressed everyday so establish them up front so everyone knows where they stand.

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The professionals at Siekierka Landscape can come in to your commercial property, get the job done around your schedule and get it done right. Our crews will be neat and respect the environment around them. There are too many disturbances during construction projects. Why have a hassle when doing the landscape too.